The Benefits of Cloud Computing

by | Jul 28, 2015 | Information Management

With the ever increasing popularity of cloud computing implementation within business, it is good to know why companies are choosing to move to this platform for storing their company data using online electronic document and data management systems – EDRMS.

There are many benefits of being able to store company files in a secure and easily accessible location available to employees at any time of day, from anywhere in the world. The following five points are a few of the benefits for choosing to upload data to a cloud:

1. Reduce spending on IT and Technology Infrastructure

Using a Cloud Service Provider takes a lot of strain off business as the need for IT Staff and IT Infrastructure is drastically reduced. As information is uploaded to a web-based cloud system, your Cloud Service Provider maintains data, backups and Technology Infrastructure.

This approach also allows your business the flexibility to easily scale up or down operation and storage requirements as cloud systems are generally ‘pay as you go’ – there is no need to purchase and install hardware upgrades as your Cloud Service Providers takes care of this for you.

2. Improved Accessibility and Productivity

Using a web-based cloud system gives you access to company data anywhere, any time. This facilitates more flexible work practices for company employees by allowing access to files from home, while on holiday and even during the morning and afternoon commutes. An employee with a cold or flu can stay at home, continue to contribute and avoid making your other employees sick!

Having your company data backed up and stored in a secure location is integral in minimising losses in productivity due to power failure, fire, natural disasters or any other crisis that may occur. The ability to easily resume operations using your safely stored data will greatly minimise downtime.

3. Collaboration and Document Control

Cloud environments give companies the power to not only share documents, but more importantly, choose which documents they wish to share and with whom to share this information with. If you work on projects involving several parties, cloud computing gives you the power to share the same files with employees, suppliers and third parties while restricting access to private company information. Allowing third parties to upload files to your cloud also means all parties involved may increase their collaboration efficiency.

4. Competitiveness

Clouds give small and medium sized business access to the kind of technologies big business use without the associated price tags; it allows smaller companies the ability to act faster than larger competitors as ease of scalability is increased and the costs and time involved decreased.

5. Ease of Use

Cloud systems are generally easy to use; this in turn reduces training and further increases productivity. Many systems are highly customisable with any modifications you require handled by your Cloud Service Provider.

Transferring your business information is straightforward and requires no new hardware or software installation – all you need is a web browser and internet connection.

Systems like VisualVault also incorporate workflow processes, you can use workflow to further simplify your business processes and procedures by allowing the system to automatically notify users of certain events, for example; an automated Email notifying management that a new company report has just been uploaded and requires reviewing before it may be accessed by users within the cloud.

These are just a few of the benefits Cloud Computing offers; systems like VisualVault take this even further with the inclusion of electronic forms and databases which gives your business even more flexibility and choice with how you wish to operate.

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