4 Ways to Improve Business Process Management while Working At Home

by | Apr 3, 2020 | Business Process Management

Do you find working remotely presents many challenges that impact your business productivity? Is your business process management handling these challenges?

Among the many challenges, there are two management components that will definitely impact how employees respond in remote working environments. 

  1. Maintaining clear business objectives, and
  2. Maintaining open communication channels

Both of these help staff stay focused and connected and are important factors for maintaining employee mental well-being where disconnection, lack of certainty and direction may lead to anxiety or a general lack of enthusiasm.

To keep your workers happy and connected in remote working environments, we’ve outlined 4 quick tips to keep your business on track!

1. Clear Business Objectives

Clear business objectives are important in everyday business but especially in the case where your employees are working remotely.

Objectives should support your business goals and outline the steps you and your business need to take to reach your goals. I.e. what you need to do and when you need to do it.

business workflow path

Some of the reasons it’s important to set objectives are:

  • Provide direction and guidance
  • Create standards to monitor performance
  • Motivate employees

2. Connectivity & Collaboration

Happy workers are good workers and a key component for maintaining this is through connectivity and collaboration. This may take the form of an email, a meeting, sharing and working on a document together, or working on smaller components of a larger project.

The key to ensuring staff stay connected and can collaborate is in the business processes and related systems you have in place.

Some examples of processes and systems you can implement:

  • Implementing work procedures – clearly explaining when, how often and who to contact while working on tasks
  • Scheduling weekly phone meetings
  • Utilising online meeting tools like Zoom or Skype
  • Using live chat systems like Slack
  • Collaborate using a document sharing tools to work on a single document together
  • Utilising EDRMS Document Management systems for managing a large amount of information
  • Using Business Process Management systems for managing data

3. Automating Tasks

Automated tasks provide companies with many benefits like standardised procedures, improved quality and lower operational costs.

For remote teams, they can be beneficial for keeping teams focused by:

  • Providing a clear overview of tasks
  • Automating reminders for outstanding work
  • Sending escalation advice to managers if tasks are overdue

As with normal day-to-day business, automating tasks takes burdens off employees allowing them to focus their time on more important human-oriented tasks. There are many business process management software options available for any industry; to take the first steps towards automating your business, check our article on business process automation.

4. Data & Reporting Tools

The time it takes for staff to access information directly impacts your business productivity.

Using a system for managing documents and data is critical in modern business. Records & Information Management systems provide streamlined access to business intelligence, procedures and data.

Management systems for documents and data provides:

  • Visibility over business data and reporting. This allows teams to strategise and evolve to ensure they meet their business objectives.
  • Information on Key Performance Indicators which may highlight critical faults or shortfalls.

A business management system should provide you with information on key performance indicators which may be used to identify faults or shortfalls within your business activities. Any company that has achieved an efficient process for managing data utilises appropriate records management policies and systems.

Making it Work, at Home…

Every business is different and every individual is different – some thrive in remote working conditions and others can struggle. Whether it’s due to lack of motivation, feeling disconnected or being easily distracted; you can implement business processes right now to keep things on track!

Try these steps to get started:

  1. Review your business goals and set objectives (try it online with your team)
  2. Assign tasks and discuss how you are going to manage them.
    • What software tools will you use for collaborating?
    • Can any tasks be automated using business systems?
    • Get someone to research the latest tools and systems.
  3. Set clear communication methods, determine frequency and goals.
  4. Get online and meet regularly to review progress & performance or discuss issues.
  5. Find ways to make online communication enjoyable.

Whether you’re working remotely or not, we have the tools to keep your team connected. Contact us for information on business process automation and document management solutions.

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